Traditional Vs Electronic Books

Remember the days when we even cuddled the books after reading? It was one of the greatest gifts we ever got, specially in our childhood. I remember reading a novel straight and finishing it before taking the dinner. It was such an awesome feeling to indulge ourselves in a novel that we love.


Book publishing has also undergone the technology transition these days. The evolution of electronic books (ebooks) are widely available in online stores. There are obviously affordable and environment friendly.

But how many of us will prefer ebooks over traditional paper books?

It’s a tricky question for all of us. One may choose one over the other, depending on many reasons. When it comes to novel, I still prefer to have a physical book in my hands. The sensation of turning the pages and the smell of the paper are the unique feelings of reading that great novel.


Ebooks are handy when we travel often and it’d be really difficult to carry a large book with us, specially if there is a concern of the weight of the luggage. Also, if you prefer to read something personal and don’t like others to see what you are reading about, ebooks will top your list of preferences.


Both have the advantages of their own. It’s only that the readers are given the opportunity to select whichever method that suits them. Whatever the method is, reading books is truly relieving.

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