Google Loon – Balloon powered Internet

Well that’s a whole new idea. As always, the guys in Google have come up with another new technology to expand the use of Internet throughout the globe.

So, what is this Loon? And what’s that got to do with balloons?


The method is rather simple and really innovative. Those high-altitude balloons are placed high up in the air (in stratosphere, which is about 30km/20 mil above sea level) and create a wireless network with high speed capabilities. So it won’t create any disturbances to the regular airline traffic.

Another problem is how they are going to position the balloons? Well, again a nice idea. They are going to maneuver the balloons by adjusting their altitude to float in different layers which have correct speed and direction – cool isn’t it?


So with all that fancy technology, who is going to be beneficial?

They have already tested the project in New Zealand with successful results and now going to test a full coverage in a country. It was somewhat lucky to be in Sri Lanka, as they have selected it to be the first country in the world to provide the full coverage through the project Loon.


So with this technology, they believe it would be possible to provide Internet access to the far corners of the world, whether you are in a bustling city or in an uninhabited rain forest.

Read more about it:

Google Loon

Project Loon – Wiki

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