Holiday In A Beach Hotel


Everyone loves holidays or vacations. Isn’t it?

But do we really need to wait for that time of the year to get it? Can’t we just manage a weekend for it, to give yourself a treat for working hard?

Well, that’s what exactly I did last weekend. It was in awhile that I visited the beach area in the southern part of the island. But it’s not far down along the coastal line. It’s a place a bit closer to the capital city.


Anyway, it’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset, even though you gotta be lucky enough to have a clear sky and well away from any occasional showers. The beach is what attracts many tourists and there’s nothing much to complain about it. It gives you what you expect from it, and it’s all up to you to use it the right way. Have a play with the waves, run along the beach until you drop to the sands and even you could collect some beautiful seashells as well.



The nature can be experienced to the fullest when you taste the best food as well. At least that was never a concern as The Tangerine Beach hotel provided me the best service a client would expect. My friends and I enjoyed the hotel very much, specially the sporting facilities provided by the hotel. Before going there we thought of moving out of the hotel to get some more fun, but just after spending a day there, we already forgot that plan.



It was hard to say goodbye to the fun and mouth-watering dishes. But we all knew it was a short farewell as it only made ourselves crave for something fun like that as soon as possible.

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