5 Benefits Of Reading


It’s obvious that reading completes a human being.

And we all know it. So, why do we have to read about reading? Are you a vivid reader?

Even though we know that reading is compulsory when gathering knowledge, how many of us tend to neglect it over time? Some may say that it can’t be fit into the busy daily schedule, or some may also say that it’s not that important. And many of us know that there are other methods to gather information, and there are really easy ones.

One of the most famous replacement is via the videos. A lot of information can be transferred through a 5-minute video clip, which would take an hour to read to get the same amount of information.

But, does that mean we have to say goodbye to reading? Even though there are countless number of reasons to read, here are some facts that I think why you should stick in to reading, whatever replacements available out there.

It boosts creativity

We know that creativity is essential for writing. How does that relate to reading? Imagine if you can’t visualize when you read a storybook. You will easily lose the interest of reading anymore, and that could be the only reason not to go back to books. But that case is very rare, as most of us imagine the things in a very unique way from one person to the other. The same story reflects different visuals in readers’ minds. So, isn’t that your creativity? More you read, more you will visualize (create your own pictures in your mind).

Updates your vocabulary

This is quite obvious. You will learn a lot of words you don’t know, and reading is crucial if you are a student or following education. Even if you are not, still you will learn a lot of things about the language. This is particularly true if you are reading something written from a language which is not your mother tongue. And that’s a great opportunity to add a lot of words to your dictionary.

Woman reading on the beach

Calms yourself down

Is it something like meditating? Well, in a way, yes. You can listen to music or watch a video when you are actively participating in something else. Those are the things you can multi-task. But, how often can you do it with reading? You have to make yourself still to read, and get the story or whatever you are reading about into your brain. And that can be used as an advantage to calm yourself down, too.

Improves your writing ability

This is related to the second point above. You can test this out for yourself as when you read more, your writing style may change and you will find yourself penning down more beautiful sentences and using a lot of new words. Keep in mind that you need to test various authors, too, as the writing style differ from one author to the other. Have a look at how different authors write a similar situation, differently. Add them up to your skills and you will find a great improvement of your writing over time.

Get to know others’ point of views

I like this a lot. This is one of the greatest benefits of reading except the facts mentioned above. Authors write their own perceptions regarding certain situations in their stories, may be using the characters in the novel, or as a voice from the third person. Focus more on those points and you will see different authors have different ways of seeing at a problem. It’s the beauty of writing, in a way, the freedom of expressing one’s thoughts. If you read as a daily practice, you will come across such situations and they will all help you in analyzing the world around you.

If you want to know more, here are some other benefits of reading.


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