Why I Decided To Do An MBA

MBA - Master of Business Administration

It’s been seven years after walking out of the university with a degree in Science, and ever since, I was busy building my own career, meeting new people and working in several companies to enhance my skills. It felt brilliant as I was curious to get out there, and to feel what it meant to be a part of the real working force. There are no regrets during that time, not to mention that everything adds up to the bucket of experience. Good or bad, there’s something to learn from those moments, and later they’ll be beneficial to tackle challenges in the future.

I’m always passionate about dealing with people and to make use of their skills to do a certain task creatively. The roots were planted inside of me when I was in the university, and taking up certain leadership roles which inspired me of how much we could do, if we put the right mindset accordingly. Most people think handling people is difficult, especially in a competitive environment. Sure, it’s different from what you do in a college or university, but overall, there’s a connection with the two. AIESEC made a great impact in my life, to inject little buds of managerial enthusiasms, and entrepreneurial thinking. The cross-cultural platform provided a great opportunity to listen to what people from other countries think of a certain issue, and how they view at it from different angles.

All of those inspired me to do an MBA at some part of my life (somewhere in to five years in the industry.) The ultimate goal of having one is to equip myself with necessary knowledge to reach to a higher position and most of all, do a better and ideal job which everyone would appreciate my effort.

Looking forward to get back in the classroom and grab some new knowledge …


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