Harambe : An eye-opener ?


How many times have we come across encounters between the wild and humans? Probably many. Even though those are a common thing for some people who live closer to the jungles where the wild animals roam freely, for most of us having an urban lifestyle, such news is pretty rare.

Ever since I heard the horrible news in the morning, just a few days before, I found my eyes go wet. I couldn’t think for a moment, and went my heart out to that beautiful creature who had to say goodbye in the most horrible manner. Yes, I’m so far away from Cincinnati, but the incident pulled out my sensitive side, particularly toward the wild and nature.

During the following days I read many articles shedding light at the incident in different angles. The outrage was particularly from the wild-lovers and from the set of people who believed they must have done a better job than that. And I’m also in the same standpoint.

Why do I care about the animal more?

This is a very sensitive topic to write about. As a human, describing the importance of existing of an animal has already become a hot topic among us. Amidst the many asking for the justice for the animal, the others slowly started to bring out the reasons to justify the incident. I was shocked at first how we forget our past in a matter of hours.

My anger would directly be pointed to the parents in the first place. Among many others who try to justify the parental issues raising a child at that age, I’d like to point out to them that if you realize it as such a tremendous task, why not do it without bothering others? I know my parents would have gone through the same scenario, and they still laugh mentioning about the mischievous things I’ve done in the past as a baby. But, they’ve made sure to protect me and the others as well.

Parenting is an universal phenomenon, which is common to every living being. Protecting their next generation (their younger species) is one of their priorities as well – no argument there. But as a developed species, do we really need to put us in competition with the other animals? Are we looking at a fair race there? Do they have the privilege of making use of the things that we have in an occasion like that? Simply put, they have only themselves to protect them.


In another note, I hate visiting zoos. I really don’t like to see the expressions of their faces as they show their grievances for being caged. It’s not like we go to an art gallery or a theatre, that is a living being that we stare at. Just look at their eyes and see how much of a pain they go through. We can’t neglect their feelings for just being non-humans, too.

So, the damage has already been done. A precious life has been already lost due to poor parental skills. I’d like to see the relevant authority taking stringent actions against those parents just to let out the message to others.

If that’s the way we treat the endangered species in this world, it’d be better off letting them be in the wild, on their own. Bottom line is to act responsibly and not to make excuses for the things we are supposed to do in the day-to-day basis. We boast our superiority among the other living beings, and we are just a part of the nature as well.

I think it’s time to re-think our actions and to make necessary initiatives to preserve that beautiful side of nature for the next generations to come.

RIP Harambe, and all the other animals who had to depart for stupid reasons !!!


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