I’m Sachitra Samarakoon, currently living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Apart from being a Software Consultant, I enjoy being out there with people, and involve in team sports and even love jogging in the evening. But non of that can top my attraction toward reading and writing books.

Reading was one of my favorite hobbies ever since I was a kid, and I still remember how I glued myself in the bed in the vacations with the storybooks piled up beside me. That made the person who I am today, who enjoys putting down the stories in my mind into words.

I usually don’t like to pick a genre when it comes for reading, but I see myself pumping a lot of ideas and stories to write as contemporary romance fictions. But it doesn’t stop me from experimenting with other genres, as I love inter-connecting them as well, specially when the stories evolve.

Apart from all that, I love to interact with people who also like to read and write stuff. May be we can find something in common to talk about and share.

Connect with me : Twitter @sachitrasam

Email : sachitrau@gmail.com

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