Hopefully For The Best



Life as a Business Analyst for a leading Software company is never easy. Things get even worse in Lucy’s life as her boyfriend Peter starts to drift away from her, for some unstoppable reasons. Peter is handed over the multi-million-dollar business from his dad, and without even knowing he has to take care of their business which leads him to a whole new life.

It looks like the life never stops bothering Lucy’s life as she is sent to the other part of the world to save a project, which directly links to the reputation of the company she works. Even though they have a branch in Sri Lanka, she has only watched a documentary movie about monkeys and that is all she knows about the country that she is going to visit for the next couple of months. However, she finds herself again after a long time, and starts to enjoy her stay in that strange country after meeting some interesting new friends. With the help of them Lucy tries her extreme desires for new adventures, which once let her to be lost in a jungle and making her fall in love with her life again.

But the fate drags her to the same problem time to time, even though she wants a break from her love life. Eventually she learns that she can’t run away from the problem, and most importantly, there is a limit for a person for everything.

Amid all the action happening around her, Lucy tries to solve her relationship issues and win the hearts of the clients together with the reputation of the company.

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