Employees Can Make Projects Succeed Or Fail


The most important aspect of a project is the human resource, for sure. But even though almost every manager knows about that fact, why would they have a fear about driving the team for a successful project completion?

It can be due to various reasons. May be due to lack of time spent on the initiation phase, or may be due to the inability to schedule the project properly, the list goes on …

It’s also impossible to expect everything to be on the perfect side. The world is never a perfect place, and especially in a project there are a lot of things could go wrong. But there got to be a way managers should be able to identify those risks upfront and prepare for them beforehand. Knowing that the team members are the ones who is going to drive the project forward, a lot of pit holes could be avoided by focusing on them while assigning tasks.


Every manager faces that problem. When assigning tasks to individuals, there is a mutual understanding between the assigner and the assignee. They know the fact that just letting them know their work for a period of time would not solve the problems at all. Some may argue that proper monitoring after the assignments would deliver promised results. But, I see some drawbacks in that method as well.

Assuming the team consists of members with proper knowledge and experience to do the job, the life of a manager can be alleviated a little bit. But selecting the right individuals for particular tasks is the next major problem.

How many of them spend enough time to do that? I’ve seen many organizations refer the resumes or professional profiles before assigning tasks. Earlier experience would definitely give them the chance to assign similar tasks for some. But would that only be enough? Listening to the team member about the tasks he or she is going to have will give an even better perspective for managers. It’s acceptable that it wouldn’t be practical if the organization or the group is larger. But having a fair amount of understanding about the skills and most importantly passions of employees would make a positive impact to the project.


Why do we have to align our passion and work?

That’s what we like to see and feel at the end of the day, isn’t it? We need to have a feeling that we have contributed our maximum toward the project and we should be able to inspire ourselves as well. To do that, we got to align our passion with what we are assigned to do.

Managers need to go a bit far in identifying individuals when assigning tasks for them. Maintaining a healthy communication among team members would definitely help them to achieve it. That will also reduce the pressure of the team and by doing that they can be more open to talk about the project related matters. At the end, it’s all about getting to the other side of the line. As it’s a team effort, everyone in the team should feel their importance to the ultimate result.

Finally, getting to know the people in the team is the most important task for the manager. The fate of the project can be decided by just that, and it can be either a success or a failure.



Leadership And Management


Leadership and Management – Two of the most heard words in the corporate world!

Initially those two words continuously confused me. Ever since the school days, everyone talked about having leadership qualities and there were workshops to start building those. It’s the first word to hear out of the two, and later, Management came in as a subject.

From there onward those two words were used inter-changeably, sometimes without even addressing what would have been the correct word to choose. It’s acceptable that those two go together, meaning there is an attachment with each other. May be that’s the reason for using them quite often together.

But, what’s the real difference?

I can relate leadership more into group work. And Management is not necessarily have to do with a group.

Talking about management first, it can start with yourselves. You can manage things in life, may be both personal as well as professional. Having the day organized is also a flavor of management. For those who are interested in starting a career in management, it’s better to start with your lives. There are plenty of lessons to be learned about managing a day, a week and a month to achieve certain things. If you started to get comfortable and to see expected results, there it’s a good indication that you are ready to take over major and more responsible tasks.


And it should inspire you as well. The more you involve in managing things, the more intention and curiosity should be built inside of you. If you are not passionate enough with what you do, it’s better to quit it for a better option without delaying it, as it would save you a lot of time in the long run.

Leadership, where does is plug into that equation?

It always has to do with more people. It’s a quality which will radiate out of you, and that will bring success for a team or a group. It’s necessary for every person to have unique and successful leadership qualities if he/she is leading a team, or be responsible for a team effort. It’s also important to inspire all the team members as well during the journey, as they will rely on you and automatically you’ll become a role model for them. That comes with a bit more responsibility, unlike just managing stuff, you’ll have to be extra cautious about your decisions. The things won’t be perfect all the time, and there will be times that you’ll fail. If you are dare enough to be a leader, you’ll definitely will be able to manage all the positive and negative aspects which will come on your way.


What’s the relationship between the two?

If you are manager, then you may have better managerial qualities. But you can make yourself a better manager – who will stand out from the others, when you have leadership qualities as well. If you can set an example for others in doing things, and continuously find new ways of handling matters, you’ll feel how much you are getting comfortable in managing things in your life. If you are responsible for a project, your creativity will make your life easy which comes as a by-product out of being a leader.


Finally, more work has to be done to develop leadership skills and it takes time. It’s the same reason why it’s advisable to start early. Everyone should identify their own method of leading styles. Try to be unique and develop communication skills as well. There is a lot you can do with your PR skills, and if you could win people’s hearts, you can utilize that to achieve many things.


Started The Student Life, Again !


It’s about time to get myself educated. Not with something else, but with a Master’s Degree.

After doing a lot of research in the local educational institutes, I selected to get an MBA offered by Anglia Ruskin University, where the local classes are conducted by British School of Commerce, which is the local campus of London School of Commerce. The journey would be interesting, meeting new people in the industry and even from other countries would definitely add more value to life. Also, getting back on the academic track would make me a bookworm where I don’t have any regret.

It’s like achieving one of my goals, where I had thought of starting it somewhere two to three years back. With all the busy life and piling up new tasks in life delayed that particular dream drastically. But, it’s never late and I feel like I am on the right track again.

The first lecture was about HRM, which I had only followed it as a subject in an elective back in the bachelor’s degree. It was like refreshing the memory at first, but there was significant amount of information this time. Since all the assessments are about to make via assignments, we were asked to go through a heck of lot information before even starting to type.

Study, Motivation

Study, Motivation

The subject was relatively new to me, but the lecturer played an appreciative part to make it more interesting. I have a feeling that the rest of 18 months would give a whole new meaning to my life.

In the mean time, I’ve missed my writing goals amidst all those new things happening in my life. It was another task that I’ll have to deal with.

Reading … Writing … Researching … That would basically sum up my next one and a half years.

Study, Coffee

Study, Coffee

Why I Decided To Do An MBA

MBA - Master of Business Administration

It’s been seven years after walking out of the university with a degree in Science, and ever since, I was busy building my own career, meeting new people and working in several companies to enhance my skills. It felt brilliant as I was curious to get out there, and to feel what it meant to be a part of the real working force. There are no regrets during that time, not to mention that everything adds up to the bucket of experience. Good or bad, there’s something to learn from those moments, and later they’ll be beneficial to tackle challenges in the future.

I’m always passionate about dealing with people and to make use of their skills to do a certain task creatively. The roots were planted inside of me when I was in the university, and taking up certain leadership roles which inspired me of how much we could do, if we put the right mindset accordingly. Most people think handling people is difficult, especially in a competitive environment. Sure, it’s different from what you do in a college or university, but overall, there’s a connection with the two. AIESEC made a great impact in my life, to inject little buds of managerial enthusiasms, and entrepreneurial thinking. The cross-cultural platform provided a great opportunity to listen to what people from other countries think of a certain issue, and how they view at it from different angles.

All of those inspired me to do an MBA at some part of my life (somewhere in to five years in the industry.) The ultimate goal of having one is to equip myself with necessary knowledge to reach to a higher position and most of all, do a better and ideal job which everyone would appreciate my effort.

Looking forward to get back in the classroom and grab some new knowledge …


5 Things To Promise Yourself In 2016


Another year had come and gone. Welcome to 2016, a year many of us will hope to be a better one.
It wouldn’t be better unless you work hard to make them better. I hope all of you have your own versions of new year resolutions. Can you remember the previous ones, the assessment of achieved goals in the last year?

Some of them might have not made to the list, but what’s important is that you don’t give up on your missed targets. Re-enter them into this year’s bucket list, and make every possible effort to get them through at the end.

We humans learn by experience, and that’s a golden opportunity that we can use for the benefit of ourselves. Find a few things below that you can make use to shape up this new year.

Be nice to others

Why is that important? And aren’t you a nice person to the others?

Go out, talk with people and be generous to ask if you’re making them happy, and if not, what would they like to see in you to make you even more pleasant. This would be a great challenge for the introverts, but being nice would not give you any harm either. So, let go of your ego for a moment, and get an assessment of yourself.

12 in 12 target

Twelve months are ahead of you, and what are your plans for them? How about planing a brand new achievement in every month, so you’d end up having 12 freshly added goals into your life?

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? So, why the wait? Get a pen and paper and list down some small targets for each month. That’d be simple as reaching a word-count in your novel, or big as exploring a new country. Paste it somewhere you can see it throughout the year, and cross-out once you completed one. It’ll give you an immense self-confidence while on the way to the end – trust me on this.


Help or Volunteer

Define the way you want. Do some kind of help to someone, and make sure he/she is satisfied with it. This is an honorable human quality which disappears from ourselves, as many of us are in a race to fill our buckets, reaching goals and in the effort to raise ourselves high. None of that is bad, but it’d be incredible if we could retain the good qualities as well.

There are thousands, or yet millions in the world who don’t even have the basic needs. It’s impossible to address them all, but at least try to give your hand to someone in your reach.

Be grateful to nature

This is something I’d like to add to any kind of achievement list, even though it’s not directly an achievement. Like above, we tend to forget where we came from, and who are around us. For this, ask yourself the things you have done to preserve the environment to the future generation. What have you done more, consume or preserve?

Act now before it’s too late. Many scientific findings prove that we’re in a danger as a race, mainly due to the fact that we haven’t paid enough attention and care to the nature. Stop validating such a report, as it wouldn’t get better with time, unless you start to do something about it.

Have a pet

That’s a strange item to be in this list, isn’t it?

I know some of you might not prefer to have one, as the time and location wouldn’t support them, and some may not even like them. For those who are not averse to them, why not get one this year?

I adored dogs as a kid, and some kitties as well. It was not that much of a deal while I was a kid, but now I realize the kind of relief I get out of them at the end of a busy day. Taking care of a dog, cat or any other animal you prefer, would take you away from your daily stress, and make you a softer person emotionally.

As most of them say, why not experience the look of unconditional love?


Again, have a wonderful new year, 2016!