Stay Motivated


I thought of writing about something different from what I have been writing before. But it’s directly related to writing as well.

Motivation is something everyone is aware of, and it’s a popular topic when it comes to speaking about positive-thinking and self-building. Let’s see some benefits of giving it a priority in your life and how that affects one’s writing career. Mind you that it’s not only about writing, and you can apply to anything else as well.

Now that everyone advises you to get yourself motivated, how many of them really tells you the method for it? Well, it’s easy to give advises, but they have to be practical and should make sense in the first place.

Here are some things you can do to get yourself motivated for writing. (At least that’s what I do, and it’s really working … )


Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. – Yes, I believe that’s the starting point for writing. If you can’t entertain yourself by reading, you can’t expect the others to enjoy reading what you write. First, fall in love with reading. Believe it or not, with the invent of technology and other electronic media, a lot of people opt to watch and listen than reading. And don’t consider that as a negative thing. Just keep on reading and make it a habit, so it will provide you the necessary environment to start writing.


Well, I just mentioned about it as a negative thing, right? Yes, but that’s only if you don’t use it effectively. One of the best things you can do to motivate yourself is to watch documentaries of successful people. There are shorter clips available in youtube now, and subscribe to several channels where you find decent information.

Interact with people

Whatever you write, they are going to get related to people at the end. So, just be with them first and listen to what they like to read, and their opinions about some facts. Accept the fact that many of them have a different definition on something than you. And analyze what they see as well. When you write, mention those points, too, and that’ll start a discussion where you can get more readers for your writing.

Successful woman

Treat yourself

Life is a battle and you need to hustle everyday toward your goal. Your heart and brain work continuously to give you what you want. So, isn’t it a bad idea to treat for their effort as well? Choose many methods of treating and change it time to time. Have shorter goals and once you achieved those, do something you really love, and that can be going out to a fine dinner, or watching your favorite movie, or spending a weekend in a fabulous holiday destination etc, – and it’s absolutely alright to do it all by yourself.

Share your experience

This is vital. Share what you learn with others. A lot of people are out there who seek stories like yours, which you already do by reading and watching about them. Put up a blog or may be even a vlog if you like, and tell small advises for the others which you learned by yourself. Those little things eventually will add up to create a loyal and dependable customer base around you. Listen to their responses and interact with them.

Once you try out those tips, you will realize how happy you are and most importantly with what you do. You’ll also realize some other ways of doing things and the feeling of making your life worth living.


Why Creativity Cannot Be Taught

Creativity – is a common word we use in everyday.

How many times have you come across it in your life? The answer is most probably an uncountable number. When was the first time we start to think of it? Again, it runs all the way back to the early stages of our lives.

Most people think that it’s something you bring by birth, and that’s highly relative from one person to the other.

Well, let’s try to break that into more simple terms.

Creativity can be classified as a skill of a person, which is unique for an individual. Imagine the times you drew pictures in kindergarten. Most probably that was when you compared your work of art with others. Can you remember in how many different ways the others drew the same picture as you did? That’s a good indication to understand the relativity of creativity.

It grows gradually from there, and the level of creativity increases with your maturity. For example, if you are an artist, the work you do may show clear indication of your mastery over the years, and you may find yourself even more creative than the previous times.


So, is there a link between experience and creativity?

Personally I believe in it. It’s difficult to teach someone how to do something in an unique manner. Only the concept and few examples could be taught, but to drive it forward from there is totally up to the person and that depends on how much creative that person is.

And it’s applicable to any field as well. The creativity is the driving factor to any exercise in any field, or whatever you are involved in. It’s the same reason to highlight yourself among the others due to your unique ways of getting the things done.

So, can you follow creativity? In other words, can you copy them?

The straight forward answer for that is; yes, you can.

But, once you’ve done that, it’ll no longer be unique and the happiness and the success which follow that will be temporary. You can always get hints from other works, and it’s a common thing to get lessons from other creative works. But that does not allow you to repeat the same. You’ll realize that you need to have a considerable amount of creativity in you, even when you are about to modify something which is already there.

As I’m more interested in writing, here are some things you can follow to be a better writer.


It’s same as any other profession. The more you write, more you’ll become better with words. First pick a topic you like to talk about, as you should not stuck with words as it’d slow you down. Now put your thoughts into words, one by one, and keep on writing until you are satisfied. Don’t worry about the content you are writing at first, as you can re-visit what you wrote in the editing phase.

Read a lot and a lot. I mean, a lot!

Grab anything you can find that you can read. Pay attention to different styles of conveying the messages rather than the story. Yes, it’s not what the writer or author intended the reader to do. But if you want to become a better writer, you need to do some extra work. Re-read the sentences until you get the pattern and try to write a different sentence using the same.

Eventually, you will figure out what suits you the most. Once you found a method, keep on practicing it, and don’t try to change it until you become a master in it.

Bottom line, the public will identify your creativity as a change for what is existing at the moment. The difference is what catches the eyes, and if that’s a pleasant one, it’s guaranteed that you’ll attract more people for your work.