Goal Setting

This is something everyone on this earth does, every day, throughout their lives. This is taught even before we understand the real education system. Until we graduate, how many time we need to answer such questions like whom we would like to become in the future, where do we see ourselves in next 5 or 10 years etc.? We paid less care on those questions back then, and loved to give the answers as well as that made us intrigued when we pictured the future us. Time is slipping pass our fingers in a split second these days, and before we know it, years have gone by, even passing the initial goal-setting targets.

This is not about achieving the initial targets we set in our childhood, as many of us don’t even remember those anymore. The life teaches us many things every day. Our thoughts change every day. We learn so many things every day. We meet different types of people every day. We read books about stories we have never heard of, every day. So, how do we manage our goals in such a variable lifestyle? How many times we need to change our targets? The answer is, it all depends with the present!

Everything happens around us with respect to time. All the successes and failures have a value with the time they occurred. Think about your life and compare all the ups and downs you have come across in the past. And consider how you experienced those in those times, and how you feel about them now. Automatically, we tend to compare those with respect to the recent experiences in our life. Eventually the real heat of those moments fade away, with time.

How do we keep our goals in tact out of all the disturbances in the world? One of the most effective ways is to limit the intake of outside influences. This has a very tiny edge as the same could be used to motivate ourselves as well. But too much of motivation would end up pushing ourselves to desperation and emotional tiredness. So, understand who you are, and timely change what motivates you more and adjust the amount of time you allow yourself to absorb those information.

After identifying what you could do best to make yourself happy, don’t wait a single moment without driving yourself toward that goal. There is no perfect time as such to start it. The saying “The best time to start is now” is invaluable. Get yourself equipped with all the tools and skills needed before you take the first step toward the journey, because that will protect yourself from falling short and keep the emotional drive steady. Work every moment to fine-tune your strategy of reaching those targets and evaluate yourself in timely manner to convince yourself that you do what you need to do to get there. It’s alright to be a bit hard on yourself, as long as you can keep the passion building in yourself.

So, keep your eyes and ears open to flow information which would help you to elevate yourself to the goals, and infatuate yourself to a limit where you feel that it’s your job to achieve them, and there is no exception.

Travesty Of Reality Of Social Media – Part 02



As promised, these are my thoughts about social networking as a whole. As I have mentioned previously, social networking has become unavoidable to everyone in today’s world. For those who use them effectively gain so much into their lives, and with that they have elevated their standards of living in a pace that wouldn’t have come through, had such platforms weren’t available.

But, there are some concerns regarding them. Think about the people who feed contents to such channels and pages. My target is not the large scale, business related media. Think about the other small and medium size businesses and even the individuals who publish contents. Clearly they want many followers and subscribers as possible, as that is one way of attracting new customers to their businesses, or even generating a passive income source.

Anyway, carefully watch what sort of information they publish in them. I come across so many such materials as I’m passionate about trading, and since there are no proper mentors in hand, I need to do constant internet search to read articles regrading them.

Almost all of them publish the life they have succeeded and how they enjoy the results they have taken after so many hard work. It’s not the hard working part you can find in them, but the life after that. Remember, that is crucial to boost your motivation. But remember that’s not enough to get there, too. How much you read and watch such material, you won’t be able to get there unless you start working today. That’s what you need to figure out by yourself. They won’t teach exactly what you need to do to get where they are right now, and it’s nearly impossible to do so as well. So, it’s important not to waste time following similar materials over and over again, and spend time by watching and reading them only.

Plan your life as early as possible, and use the social media to help remind your goals over and over again. Stop wasting time by just enjoying what you see on them. I know, they are highly addictive, and who doesn’t love to watch and read the success stories or some luxurious lives lived by others? Keep asking the question whenever you enjoy them, “How have they done it? What should I do to get there?”

Also remember, people won’t usually publish their difficult times, heart broken moments, how they screw up daily basis while they are trying to achieve their targets. Mostly, those lessons are invisible to the outside world. It’s an individual’s job to find them out, by themselves.

Keep in mind, if you are comfortable and utterly happy about your life, and haven’t got your heart broken, or screwing up your emotions, and even money; you might not have tried to do anything new!

Keep pushing forward, while keeping the stories about soaring by others only to make you focus on your goals and to motivate yourselves. Try to take calculated risks in life. The more you get matured, the more you will regret not doing so in the past!




5 Things To Promise Yourself In 2016


Another year had come and gone. Welcome to 2016, a year many of us will hope to be a better one.
It wouldn’t be better unless you work hard to make them better. I hope all of you have your own versions of new year resolutions. Can you remember the previous ones, the assessment of achieved goals in the last year?

Some of them might have not made to the list, but what’s important is that you don’t give up on your missed targets. Re-enter them into this year’s bucket list, and make every possible effort to get them through at the end.

We humans learn by experience, and that’s a golden opportunity that we can use for the benefit of ourselves. Find a few things below that you can make use to shape up this new year.

Be nice to others

Why is that important? And aren’t you a nice person to the others?

Go out, talk with people and be generous to ask if you’re making them happy, and if not, what would they like to see in you to make you even more pleasant. This would be a great challenge for the introverts, but being nice would not give you any harm either. So, let go of your ego for a moment, and get an assessment of yourself.

12 in 12 target

Twelve months are ahead of you, and what are your plans for them? How about planing a brand new achievement in every month, so you’d end up having 12 freshly added goals into your life?

Sounds awesome, isn’t it? So, why the wait? Get a pen and paper and list down some small targets for each month. That’d be simple as reaching a word-count in your novel, or big as exploring a new country. Paste it somewhere you can see it throughout the year, and cross-out once you completed one. It’ll give you an immense self-confidence while on the way to the end – trust me on this.


Help or Volunteer

Define the way you want. Do some kind of help to someone, and make sure he/she is satisfied with it. This is an honorable human quality which disappears from ourselves, as many of us are in a race to fill our buckets, reaching goals and in the effort to raise ourselves high. None of that is bad, but it’d be incredible if we could retain the good qualities as well.

There are thousands, or yet millions in the world who don’t even have the basic needs. It’s impossible to address them all, but at least try to give your hand to someone in your reach.

Be grateful to nature

This is something I’d like to add to any kind of achievement list, even though it’s not directly an achievement. Like above, we tend to forget where we came from, and who are around us. For this, ask yourself the things you have done to preserve the environment to the future generation. What have you done more, consume or preserve?

Act now before it’s too late. Many scientific findings prove that we’re in a danger as a race, mainly due to the fact that we haven’t paid enough attention and care to the nature. Stop validating such a report, as it wouldn’t get better with time, unless you start to do something about it.

Have a pet

That’s a strange item to be in this list, isn’t it?

I know some of you might not prefer to have one, as the time and location wouldn’t support them, and some may not even like them. For those who are not averse to them, why not get one this year?

I adored dogs as a kid, and some kitties as well. It was not that much of a deal while I was a kid, but now I realize the kind of relief I get out of them at the end of a busy day. Taking care of a dog, cat or any other animal you prefer, would take you away from your daily stress, and make you a softer person emotionally.

As most of them say, why not experience the look of unconditional love?


Again, have a wonderful new year, 2016!