Secondary Plans


If someone asked why we work, there would be whole lot of different answers coming from people. Apparently that’s where we are all heading to, right after finishing the education in schools and colleges. At that time, we all wanted to enter the professionals’ clubs, and to feel the next level of class in the society. Dreams were there like imagining how we would look like driving our dream car, giving away the nicely designed visiting cards to strangers and even travelling to exotic locations all around the world. That’s pretty much the way how we used to plan our future, may be in next five or ten years.

How many of you had dreams like that? And, how many of you have actually ticked off the checklists you used to scribble back then? After eight years of working in four companies, those are the sort of questions I ask myself now, usually before going to bed. Yes, I have done something for my life for sure, but those things were not the ones I usually planned when I was in the university. How did it happen? And why the priority list keep changing?


As we have learned through various subjects, everything seems to be relative. Now that I look back at the times I studied, the things have changed quite a lot around us, both in terms of personal and social life. Change is universal. Everything and everyone around us keep changing, day after day. How can we have steady and fixed goals in such an environment? I believe that’s why we have little slippages in planning our future.

Money. The cause for all problems. The thing we need to accomplish most of the dreams we had. There is a controversy of defining happiness with money. I usually don’t like to answer that question as I realize money plays an important role in everything we do. That’s quite obviously the same reason for entering the professionals’ club, having dreams of earning heaps of money and use them to travel world etc.

Anyway, sooner or later, we all come to a stage in order to judge ourselves about past decisions we have made. Some might be delighted with them, while some will regret. There are ups and downs in life whether you like it or not. But, the most importantly, you need to take charge of your life, whenever you feel like you need a boost to reach what you have already planned to do, before you become physically challenged to do so.


Those were the same reasons why I continuously tried at least two different things in a year to start another income source. If you could dream of your future back then, why we stop trying to make them happen now? I remember I have attempted ten times in the last eight years to form a new business, but I failed. But I didn’t want to stop as something keep nagging me that I’m not quite done yet, and there are other possibilities to choose from. That made me to step out of the comfort zones and start discovering other markets which I didn’t have any kind of knowledge and experience. Everything started from scratch and I invested time to learn most of the things, mostly by myself.

Hustle. Hustle and hustle until you find the right path. That doesn’t mean you have to be careless. Every month and year brings you enough experience to deal with new challenges in life, and it’s up to you to identify what taught you the most valuable lesson. As I am quite confident of the thing I’d be doing in the year starting from now, I’ll post that particular story in future posts. (And, I believe that’s not quite that far …)


Chase The Money Or Passion?


This is a question where you’ll have to ask yourself in some part of your life. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to deal with the answer, which is going to be different from one person to the other.

So, why not ask it in the early stage of your life? Having said that, for those of you who have come to the latter part of your professional career shouldn’t neglect it, too.

What was the reason behind selecting your career? Was it because of the money, or your passion? Most of us would like to give the latter answer. But eventually the main reason behind working is to earn money, so we can have a good time until we die.

What if the thing you are doing for a living is not giving the happiness you desired to have? Would you continue doing it, or wouldn’t hesitate to change it?

For everyone out there, this is going to be the ultimate truth behind working. After selecting the career path, which would be the one you thought you’d like to see yourself doing in a couple of decades ahead, you’ll realize that there’s no turning back.

But, I’d like to challenge that saying. What you selected in the past is not going to last forever. Nothing lasts forever, so, it’s going to be the same for your career as well.


When you start earning for what you’re doing, sometimes you’ll automatically fall in love with your profession, which is the ideal scenario. But that’s not the real situation, as the more you find the other occupations available out there, you’ll regret for not having selected them as your choice of profession. Everyone loves for a change, and there are more opportunities evolve and new careers are formed. It’d be impossible to follow everyone of them, but out of the pile, there may be some you’d think as possible candidates.

So, what happens to the passion you had when you selected your profession? Has it changed, too?

Remember, everything is bound to change, so as your passion.

If your work doesn’t align with your passion, don’t panic, just do whatever you do right now. But, don’t give up dreaming as well, as one day you’ll get there.

The real question is, whether it’s through your work or through your passion?

Whatever the answer may be, you’ll honestly be happy if that comes through your passion. It’s something attached to our souls, and hearts. That’s what will give us the most ecstasy.

So, why can’t we continue to do what our hearts say?

It’s not impossible.

It’s only that we don’t listen to it. Start today, figure out what your true passion is and act right away to give some life to it. Don’t wobble with your thoughts if your current working life doesn’t permit to allocate time to it. Compromise your time, and start pulling out minutes from your daily schedule, and later you’ll be amazed to see yourself having more time to do so.

Push yourself to do what your heart wants you to do. The money will follow without even knowing, and when you have reached that level, organize yourself even more and indulge in it for the rest of your life.

Eventually, you’ll be a winner.