Finding your passion


Passion is one of the main reasons for all of us to keep going and continue doing what we love to do. It is a simple question to ask from yourself. If you are chasing toward a change in life, or looking for an opportunity for you to add drama or excitement in your life, there is a high chance that probably you have not found the passion of your life yet. One could argue about this statement though, as most of us welcome change in life, and it is considered to be a great human quality to manage and develop a likeness toward change. But what matters here is if someone is finding a change which would lead his or her life for a new turn, so that whatever the current duties or responsibilities would change drastically. If that is the case, it would mean that they are not doing what inspires them, in other words, they are not passionate of what they do at the moment.

That is the moment we need to take quick actions. Life should not be wasted by having a hope that someday you would find your passion. It is your duty and responsibility to go find it by yourself. That would benefit all around you and the world as well, because the best things come out when you engage with activities which are driven by your passion. So the moment of action would be, now. Do not be afraid to take difficult decisions, because they would solve most of your problems in life. No entrepreneur in this world takes easy decisions. They know how crucial their decisions and actions, and when taken at the right time would give the maximum results.

So, analyze your life periodically. And find if you deviate from your passion. If so, take actions immediately. Re-fuel yourself with the right knowledge and tools. Spread the inspiration around you, so more people could join your journey.

Goal Setting

This is something everyone on this earth does, every day, throughout their lives. This is taught even before we understand the real education system. Until we graduate, how many time we need to answer such questions like whom we would like to become in the future, where do we see ourselves in next 5 or 10 years etc.? We paid less care on those questions back then, and loved to give the answers as well as that made us intrigued when we pictured the future us. Time is slipping pass our fingers in a split second these days, and before we know it, years have gone by, even passing the initial goal-setting targets.

This is not about achieving the initial targets we set in our childhood, as many of us don’t even remember those anymore. The life teaches us many things every day. Our thoughts change every day. We learn so many things every day. We meet different types of people every day. We read books about stories we have never heard of, every day. So, how do we manage our goals in such a variable lifestyle? How many times we need to change our targets? The answer is, it all depends with the present!

Everything happens around us with respect to time. All the successes and failures have a value with the time they occurred. Think about your life and compare all the ups and downs you have come across in the past. And consider how you experienced those in those times, and how you feel about them now. Automatically, we tend to compare those with respect to the recent experiences in our life. Eventually the real heat of those moments fade away, with time.

How do we keep our goals in tact out of all the disturbances in the world? One of the most effective ways is to limit the intake of outside influences. This has a very tiny edge as the same could be used to motivate ourselves as well. But too much of motivation would end up pushing ourselves to desperation and emotional tiredness. So, understand who you are, and timely change what motivates you more and adjust the amount of time you allow yourself to absorb those information.

After identifying what you could do best to make yourself happy, don’t wait a single moment without driving yourself toward that goal. There is no perfect time as such to start it. The saying “The best time to start is now” is invaluable. Get yourself equipped with all the tools and skills needed before you take the first step toward the journey, because that will protect yourself from falling short and keep the emotional drive steady. Work every moment to fine-tune your strategy of reaching those targets and evaluate yourself in timely manner to convince yourself that you do what you need to do to get there. It’s alright to be a bit hard on yourself, as long as you can keep the passion building in yourself.

So, keep your eyes and ears open to flow information which would help you to elevate yourself to the goals, and infatuate yourself to a limit where you feel that it’s your job to achieve them, and there is no exception.

Travesty Of Reality Of Social Media – Part 02



As promised, these are my thoughts about social networking as a whole. As I have mentioned previously, social networking has become unavoidable to everyone in today’s world. For those who use them effectively gain so much into their lives, and with that they have elevated their standards of living in a pace that wouldn’t have come through, had such platforms weren’t available.

But, there are some concerns regarding them. Think about the people who feed contents to such channels and pages. My target is not the large scale, business related media. Think about the other small and medium size businesses and even the individuals who publish contents. Clearly they want many followers and subscribers as possible, as that is one way of attracting new customers to their businesses, or even generating a passive income source.

Anyway, carefully watch what sort of information they publish in them. I come across so many such materials as I’m passionate about trading, and since there are no proper mentors in hand, I need to do constant internet search to read articles regrading them.

Almost all of them publish the life they have succeeded and how they enjoy the results they have taken after so many hard work. It’s not the hard working part you can find in them, but the life after that. Remember, that is crucial to boost your motivation. But remember that’s not enough to get there, too. How much you read and watch such material, you won’t be able to get there unless you start working today. That’s what you need to figure out by yourself. They won’t teach exactly what you need to do to get where they are right now, and it’s nearly impossible to do so as well. So, it’s important not to waste time following similar materials over and over again, and spend time by watching and reading them only.

Plan your life as early as possible, and use the social media to help remind your goals over and over again. Stop wasting time by just enjoying what you see on them. I know, they are highly addictive, and who doesn’t love to watch and read the success stories or some luxurious lives lived by others? Keep asking the question whenever you enjoy them, “How have they done it? What should I do to get there?”

Also remember, people won’t usually publish their difficult times, heart broken moments, how they screw up daily basis while they are trying to achieve their targets. Mostly, those lessons are invisible to the outside world. It’s an individual’s job to find them out, by themselves.

Keep in mind, if you are comfortable and utterly happy about your life, and haven’t got your heart broken, or screwing up your emotions, and even money; you might not have tried to do anything new!

Keep pushing forward, while keeping the stories about soaring by others only to make you focus on your goals and to motivate yourselves. Try to take calculated risks in life. The more you get matured, the more you will regret not doing so in the past!




Started The Student Life, Again !


It’s about time to get myself educated. Not with something else, but with a Master’s Degree.

After doing a lot of research in the local educational institutes, I selected to get an MBA offered by Anglia Ruskin University, where the local classes are conducted by British School of Commerce, which is the local campus of London School of Commerce. The journey would be interesting, meeting new people in the industry and even from other countries would definitely add more value to life. Also, getting back on the academic track would make me a bookworm where I don’t have any regret.

It’s like achieving one of my goals, where I had thought of starting it somewhere two to three years back. With all the busy life and piling up new tasks in life delayed that particular dream drastically. But, it’s never late and I feel like I am on the right track again.

The first lecture was about HRM, which I had only followed it as a subject in an elective back in the bachelor’s degree. It was like refreshing the memory at first, but there was significant amount of information this time. Since all the assessments are about to make via assignments, we were asked to go through a heck of lot information before even starting to type.

Study, Motivation

Study, Motivation

The subject was relatively new to me, but the lecturer played an appreciative part to make it more interesting. I have a feeling that the rest of 18 months would give a whole new meaning to my life.

In the mean time, I’ve missed my writing goals amidst all those new things happening in my life. It was another task that I’ll have to deal with.

Reading … Writing … Researching … That would basically sum up my next one and a half years.

Study, Coffee

Study, Coffee

3 Effective Ways To Foster Encouragement

woman drinking coffee

If you look at the things you do in your life, the best outcomes can be obtained with the activities you do with your whole heart. Am I right?

Of course, nobody likes to do anything he or she doesn’t love or impress him or her. But there are situations that we need to overcome where we don’t enjoy most of the things we do. In those occasions how do you keep yourself motivated?

Imagine you are involved in a task which takes a week to complete, and you spend at least five hours per day until you reach the ultimate goal. Now, as humans, there are times we feel like giving up, mainly due to not being able to keep ourselves happy for what we do. It’s the same case even though we are to beat a deadline. Those are moments we need to encourage ourselves, no matter what happens in our lives, as our priority is to get the job done.

Now look at many of the successful people in the world. What if they had given up their mission in the mid-way and had focused on something else? The world would not be the same then, and it could have impacted all of us in a different ways as well.

Take breaks.

This is really important even if you really love your work. Usually we don’t seem like taking a time-off when we are involved in something we like, and getting out of it also makes us feel discouraged.

But, trust me, you need that break.

Think of the future, may be several hours ahead of you, or may be several days ahead. If you don’t take little breaks while you are working, eventually you’ll loose the interest of the work which you had already fallen in love before.


Change work.

Alright, the break could be a tea-break, or a small walk up and down for five minutes.

Yes, that’s good for your health. But, try to do something else, may be another task, or watch or listen to music or any other video. Some may say that it’s not efficient as you’ll loose the concentration to the work. But, that’s exactly what you need to do. Give a little rest to your brain from the activity where its focus was glued into. You will realize how your brain adjusts to the previous task in no time, once you get back to it.

Get out.

What does that mean? Yes, I meant get outside.

This may not sound like practical in some seasons, but try your best to change the environment. The nature is something we enjoy for free of charge. Indulge yourself in it. Go out, look around you, try to play a little with something and move your limbs deliberately and breathe fresh air. Give yourself a small treat by taking out from those confined areas, and that could be a help for every senses you’ve got. If you have trees outside, stare at them for good five to ten minutes. That’s an awesome treatment to your eyes, and eventually with this little exercise, without even knowing, you are doing some good for your health as well.

Fresh air

Those three things are highly effective for short-term missions. Try to practice this in your life for a month and experience the difference you make to yourself and to your work.