Beating COVID-19

Life is unpredictable. This is something we would have heard multiple times throughout our lives. But most of us would have not given a serious thought to the real meaning of this. Even though the concept is correct, its human nature that the true effect would not be felt until it starts affecting our lives. The world is experiencing the same effect right now as COVID-19 has engulfed the whole world ending up people to scare to death. I have personally experienced the terror as I happened to travel amid this situation and have seen how people from different countries try to attack this problem. According to the statistics, this kind of pandemic surfaces every century and that makes us difficult to tackle the situation as the frequency is longer in terms of years. However the things have turned in to a more positive side for those who have taken prompt action, like the countries who reacted quickly by closing their borders and by locking down the communities. One of such country is Sri Lanka who closed the borders without a prior warning, and that resulted to have thousands of nationals getting stranded in other countries, including me. However, such counties have controlled the spread of the decease to a greater extend compared to some other counties where they have not taken the timely actions, ending up having higher number of patients and fatalities.

But the main purpose of this blog is to help people to realize the true uncertainty of life. And the importance of practicing safe and civilized social lifestyles, where indirectly they will help other people to survive, too. In a global stand point, it is admirable that some developed countries have higher level of human discipline, and in such societies it is easier to practice the activities such as social distancing. Because that has been part of their lifestyle since a long period of time. This concept is a bit hard to put in to practice in developing counties, as most of the people are used to huddle more often in a daily basis. It is clearly visible in any public place like in markets, transport stations, public offices and even by the road sides. Because this has been a part of their lifestyle which has been descended by the generations, and they find it difficult to practice such foreign activities such as social distancing. Nation-wide lock downs are the next viable option for the governments to control the spread of the decease.

Now that we know the impact is world-wide, and has affected every type of businesses and households, it is time to take things more seriously and support the human beings by practicing safe and supportive lifestyles. If we do this we will be able to contain this sooner than expected and hopefully the normal human lifestyles could be re-initiated in the next few months to come. Until then, stay safe, support each other and protect the loved ones.