Meditation or Exercise?


Have you ever had a need to do either of them? Whether you are a teenager or an adult, I bet you would have done either of them at any part of your life. And it’s quite obvious, that we as humans, have to go through them in various occasions of our lives.

So, what do you prefer most? And why?

The answer may depend on one person to the other, for sure. First let’s take meditation. Now a days meditation is mostly taught in Yoga programs and that is used to calm ourselves down. There is nothing wrong with that. Even if “Meditation” has quite a number of flavors, people have opted to use it for the benefit of their lives, to minimize the stress, clear their minds and get themselves ready for new challenges.

Meditation has a strong history, going back to thousands of years. It’s also taught as a major part of Buddhism and that is one of the reasons of that becoming popular all around the world now. So, have you ever meditated before?

For those who haven’t done it, should try it as soon as possible as that will help you to understand the remarkable feeling after meditating. There are people who practice that as a part of their daily routines and I hope it’s not wrong to say that it’s quite addictive, if you do it right.

Start with five minutes a day, and increase the frequency daily. Isolate yourself before starting the session and you can use a soundtrack, especially designed for meditating to calm your mind down. I recommend that to the first-timers, as that will help you immensely to stick with the process.

Look at this article and read how meditation can help you if you are a writer. And it’s not only beneficial for writers, as it’s helpful to almost anyone.

So, can we compare meditating with exercising?

step aerobics with dumbbells

They are two different things you can practice, which give you two different outputs. If you want to maintain a balanced life, you got to have a healthy body as well as a mind. So, I hope you are now getting the idea here. Meditation takes care of our brain, where as the exercises would take care of our physical bodies.

Can you understand the importance of practicing both, now? Look back at your daily schedule, and try to find time for both. If you prefer doing exercises in the morning, then you most probably will be able to find some time in the evening for meditating, maybe before going to bed. Researches show that if you meditate before the bed, you will have a sound sleep and that will help you to start the next day afresh. Well, right after hearing that I thought to give it a try. And it took only a couple of days for me to understand how true it was. Now, that’s just a part of my daily routine. And the results are absolutely mind-blowing. I can start the day with a clear mind and feel like I’m enjoying the feeling of spending the day even more. And obviously, my output is also better with much more creativity added into it.

Try these two valuable practices from today onward. Balance your life by focusing both on your physical and mental health.