3 Effective Ways To Foster Encouragement

woman drinking coffee

If you look at the things you do in your life, the best outcomes can be obtained with the activities you do with your whole heart. Am I right?

Of course, nobody likes to do anything he or she doesn’t love or impress him or her. But there are situations that we need to overcome where we don’t enjoy most of the things we do. In those occasions how do you keep yourself motivated?

Imagine you are involved in a task which takes a week to complete, and you spend at least five hours per day until you reach the ultimate goal. Now, as humans, there are times we feel like giving up, mainly due to not being able to keep ourselves happy for what we do. It’s the same case even though we are to beat a deadline. Those are moments we need to encourage ourselves, no matter what happens in our lives, as our priority is to get the job done.

Now look at many of the successful people in the world. What if they had given up their mission in the mid-way and had focused on something else? The world would not be the same then, and it could have impacted all of us in a different ways as well.

Take breaks.

This is really important even if you really love your work. Usually we don’t seem like taking a time-off when we are involved in something we like, and getting out of it also makes us feel discouraged.

But, trust me, you need that break.

Think of the future, may be several hours ahead of you, or may be several days ahead. If you don’t take little breaks while you are working, eventually you’ll loose the interest of the work which you had already fallen in love before.


Change work.

Alright, the break could be a tea-break, or a small walk up and down for five minutes.

Yes, that’s good for your health. But, try to do something else, may be another task, or watch or listen to music or any other video. Some may say that it’s not efficient as you’ll loose the concentration to the work. But, that’s exactly what you need to do. Give a little rest to your brain from the activity where its focus was glued into. You will realize how your brain adjusts to the previous task in no time, once you get back to it.

Get out.

What does that mean? Yes, I meant get outside.

This may not sound like practical in some seasons, but try your best to change the environment. The nature is something we enjoy for free of charge. Indulge yourself in it. Go out, look around you, try to play a little with something and move your limbs deliberately and breathe fresh air. Give yourself a small treat by taking out from those confined areas, and that could be a help for every senses you’ve got. If you have trees outside, stare at them for good five to ten minutes. That’s an awesome treatment to your eyes, and eventually with this little exercise, without even knowing, you are doing some good for your health as well.

Fresh air

Those three things are highly effective for short-term missions. Try to practice this in your life for a month and experience the difference you make to yourself and to your work.