Life 0.X

It’s time to do some more changes in life. As an individual who adores changes, and not having any second thoughts about riding the tide, I’m on the verge of implementing new additions to the 24 hours in the day, hence came up with the title for the blog, which of course is a start of a series.

MBA program is over, and waiting for the final results. Had plans to fly to the UK for graduation this year, but since the programs end date was not within this year’s graduation program dates, it could wait until the next year.

Back to the change I was blabbering about. Major changes were done to the strategies I used for currency (even stocks) trading. Changed platforms, changed time-frames and even the strategies. I wanted to test many strategies as much as possible, so I could analyze the ups and downs of those, which of course was successful. Trading in the longer time-frame was found to be not my thing. Even though there was a fair success rate, it was found that quite a significant fundamental analysis was needed to be successful, which is quite difficult in my lifestyle.

Then came the scalping strategies, and tested quite a lot, too. They’re not the definitive scalping strategies though, but a mix of scalping and intra-day strategies. Took the suitable parts from each strategy and finally compiled to something I could keep my trust on. After careful analysis of the results, I decided to go ahead with one particular pattern, and currently mastering to keep the risks minimum by controlling human-feelings factor.

Fingers crossed for the outcomes in the coming days, and hope to continue writing the results and learning in the future.


Towards Financial Freedom

Generating a passive income was one of the major things I believed in, and still do. Other than the primary source of income, one should plan out a secondary or may be even more ways of cash inflows. It’s quite appealing to think this than actually putting it into work. Not all will come up with the alternative ideas straight away, but it’s worth spending time to think and try out to reveal your inner strengths.


As I’m in the software industry, I tried freelancing at first, may be in the first few years in the industry. But soon I realized how competitive the market was and how little an individual could make an impact unless there were other connections with the prospective customers. But that didn’t stop me from figuring out other potential areas I could try. Which made me to try at least one or two new things per year to start generating some extra income.

Not all of them worked out, I must say, and the number of times I failed in the journey was greater than the successful ones. But I didn’t want to give up as I knew for certain that there is light at the other side of the tunnel. As I believed everyone has many strengths which can be put in to work, I also took the chance of exploring my other skills, like marketing, writing, social media advertising and trading.

Which brings to realize my inner strengths and very powerful opportunities to shape up my future. After eight years of struggling, I found myself good at trading (especially stocks and forex) in online platforms. I did a trial run for four months and I was quite impressed with the outcome. I also didn’t forget to get feedback from other traders as well, to make myself comfortable in my results, and with their recommendations, I put my skills in to work.

Voila! That really works!

Now I know what I’ll be doing in the future to generate a passive income, and to make it even more interesting, I chose to trade in a social trading platform, where others can also benefit from my trading. That’s going to be the future of trading of course, even though the old ways of  trading still exist. I’d like to post my successes here as well in a timely manner, and the gates will be opened for others to get benefit as well in the near future.